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Making unreal world — real

As a pioneer, you require cutting-edge technology to grow your customer base. Placyd’s experience for XR empowers the next evolution of the digital world.

The world’s first interior design AI technology.

Transform your design process. Any design only for one apartment can be easily scaled to different sizes apartments with engineering documentation in hours. Using this technology, business can save up to 70% of designing and engineering costs.

Technologies to interact with customers in a new way

We are professionals in VR technology.

VR for developers VR Training simulator VR Presentation VR Games VR Digital copy

Consequential technologies for developers

We are professionals in AR technology.

AR in construction Indoor and outdoor AR navigation Product presentation in AR AR Training AR Fitting AR Games AR Exhibition

End-to-end XR solutions

Your own App is ready. Already in the stores.

We develop Apps for developers in days, not months. Make your own App with all-new ways to customize it with the set of features: your customers can take a walk around future apartment in AR, pay for the apartment from any part of the world directly in the App, buy the whole design in one click. Your own App — it’s very simple.

Maximize your digital channels investments

Sell furniture anywhere you want digitally.

With us you can create lifelike objects that improve and even redefine how you can sell them. Every angle is better than the flat images. With new realistic 3D objects your business can increase online sales and save expenses on offline shops and showrooms.

Next generation software for next generation companies

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